Access any applications from any device

MobilityGuard OneGate - all inclusive

World’s most complete platform for secure access management – All in one server

MobilityGuard OneGate is the only access management solution that integrated the functionality for clientless and client based access in one server. Built in and delivered as default, MobilityGuard RDP-gateway reduces heavily the IT department workload and administration costs for access management.

Access any applications from any device

All your access scenarios – Only one solution

MobilityGuard OneGate even let you securely connect devices such as smartphones or tablets with world’s first true SSL-VPN client that includes built in HTML5 RDP-Gateway functionality.

Secure access to any application

The OneGate solution not only protects e-business Applications. It also enables organizations to offer extremely scalable and flexible access for chosen application for employees, business partners, customers or any type of user.

MobilityGuard OneGate supports any type of application delivery, usually without requiring any change of the application.

Due to this unique and dynamic central solution, the time of deployment and maintenance is decreased to a minimum.

The MobilityGuard supports applications such as:

  • Web based systems including Intranet, Outlook Web Access etc.
  • Virtual Desktop based systems such as Microsoft Remote Desktops Services and Citrix
  • Client – Server applications such as full email clients, business applications etc.


True SSL-VPN communication

The MobilityGuard OneGate supports true SSL-VPN communication including:

  • Full SSL/TLS support with military standard encryption.
  • Secure session handling with no direct access to the applications from the device.
  • Full Cache Control and no foot prints are left after usage.
  • Built in RDP-Gateway based on HTML5 technology.

Strong authentication

MobilityGuard’s OneGate includes built-in, almost more than 15 different authentication methods which guarantee a flexible solution which manages any user and access situation.

The appliance provides two-factor, strong authentication solutions using SMS Text. By using SMS Text for OTP (One Time Passwords) no additional authentication solution is needed.

Dynamic single sign-on

Based on your organization’s security policy you can dynamically enable or disable users’ single sign-on to your applications.

MobilityGuard OneGate even supports single sign-on extended to external organizations through Identity Federation with SAML 2.0 support.

Personalized application launcher

Using differentiated access control, which can be set up within a few minutes, you can personalize and provision each user’s application launcher.

Easy deployment and maintenance

The MobilityGuard OneGate is a turn-key solution delivered as hardware or virtual appliance which can be installed in a few hours. Advanced load balancing and cluster functionality is included by default.

By a single point of administration GUI, MobilityGuard control center, configuration and maintenance is made easy in a central point.

Technical specifications

Web browser support

Internet explorer, Chrome, Safari ,Firefox andOpera


Multiple two factor authentication methods:

Web token, SMS token, email token, Enigma code matrix, local digital certificates, TOTP authenticator (OATH), Yubikey, electronic IDs.

Multiple authentication back ends:

LDAP, RADIUS, 802.1X and PEAP/MSCHAPv2, Kerberos, REST Web Service, Ticket resolvers.


  • Supports multiple encryption algorithms, encryption key lengths including accepted military standards
  • SSL 3.0, TLS 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2
  • Configurable session length, Ciphers DES, 3DES, RC4, AES, Hashes: MD5, SHA1, SHA256.

Access control options

Security policy defined by user/group, source IP & network, trust, authentication method, encryption grade, URL path, date & time.

Single sign-on (SSO)

Central dynamic single sign-on based on the security criteria’s, user/group, authentication method, encryption grade, network trust and date/time.
Multiple single sign-on integration standards:

  • HTTP authentication (RFC2617), NTLM, web form, Kerberos and HTTP X-Headers.
  •  Identity federation – Identity provider & service provider based on standard SAML 2.0 with built in support for cloud services such as Office 365, Google Suite and salesforce.
  • Secure cookie based SSO (persistent login)

User administration

Support LDAP directory services like Microsoft Active Directory, Novell eDirectory and OpenLDAP
Virtual hosts/multiple directory service support – Many directories services can be used at the same time
Support for built in local user directory.

Application administration

Single point of administration from control center
No changes are required on target application
“Three-Click” application setup wizard
Resource profiles for easy setup of standardized applications like, Microsoft Outlook web access, SharePoint, file shares, Remote desktop services (RDP)

High availability and load balancing

  • Built in high availability module including redundancy and load balancing.
  • No limitations exist for scaling up the solution when needed.

Application support

  • Web based applications and web portals
  • TCP and UDP/IP based client-server applications
  • Microsoft Remote desktop services (RDP) and Citrix
  • File Shares

Other features

OpenVPN server, remote assistance, Syslog, personalized application launcher, message center (SMS and email), Android client, user self services, digital signing, password policies, virtual accounts, guest account support, RADIUS-based federation (eduroam), etc.

Form Facts

Hardware appliance series – MOG 4000/6000.

Dimensions (width x length x height): 430 mm x 450 mm x 44 mm.

Virtual appliance platforms – VMWare/Hyper-V/XEN server


MOG 4000 MOG 6000 Virtual
Max concurrent users 1000 5000 3000
Form factor 1U 1U
(width x length x height)
430mm x 450mm x 44mm 430mm x 450mm x 44mm
Weight 8 Kg 8 Kg
LAN ports  4 4
Hypervisor VMWare, Hyper-V, Xen

MobilityGuards offices

  • Sweden

    Lexbyvägen 22
    433 31 Partille
    Phone: +46 (0)31 760 67 70
    Support: +46 (0)31 760 67 77

  • United Kingdom

    Crowthorne Enterprise Centre
    Old Wokingham Rd, Crowthorne
    RG45 6AW
    United Kingdom
    Phone: +44 (0)13 44 75 27 40

  • France

    3, rue Gustave Eiffel
    Espace Media
    Le Technoparc
    783 06 Poissy Cedex
    Phone: +33 (0)1 75 43 78 90

  • Germany

    Paul-Dessau-Straße 8
    22765 Hamburg
    Phone: +49 (0)40 38 90 710

  • Italy

    Via Ildebrando Vivanti, 201
    001 44 Roma
    Phone: +39 (0)06 99 70 49 27

  • Spain

    Manuel Patarroyo 3
    351 00 Maspalomas
    Phone: +34 (0)6 34 74 53 90

  • Colombia

    Calle 22 Norte # 6a N – 24 Piso 4.
    Santa Monica Norte.
    Cali – Colombia.
    Phone: +57 (0)24 85 08 48



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