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Simple secure solution for your customers

MobilityGuard CloudGate is intended for those who are hosting or ASP supplier for its own end customers. The solution provides a simple secure solution for your customers and the systems that you have operational responsibility for.

Through a simple and dynamic model for license management, it is now possible for you to offer your customers one of the safest and most flexible security solution for all system you would like to publish.

Why should security be difficult and complicated?

Solutions to provide secure and single sign on has previously been associated with high investment costs and complex and expensive administration. Fortunately, there is now an easy and great way to get away from this. With CloudGate, you can offer your customers MobilityGuards well-known and leading security platform as a service. Through the service, you can take full responsibility for the operation and management of relevant security features for the systems required by your end customers and partners.

CloudGate features

Secure login with e.g. SMS or BankID.

Secure communication with secure sessions.

Intelligent Central Single Sign-On.

Dynamic Access Control.

Integration Support for target systems and web portals.

Identity Federation.

Digital signing.

5 Reasons to choose CloudGate
  1. Low initial cost as no purchase of hardware or software is required.
  2. Short deployment projects with minimal start-up time.
  3. Only be charged for the actual use of the solution.
  4. Continuous upgrades of the solution provides always access to new standards and the latest technology.
  5. Easy budgeting with minimal uncertainty about additional costs.

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