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Access Control

Full control over who access what

We make it easy to apply the security policies and permissions your organization need. With MobilityGuard OneGate granular access control you can place your specific limitations on who can get into your organization’s system.

You can control where, when and how they can access it and what they can do with it. For example, a security policy can be defined by group, source IP & network, authentication method, encryption grade, URL path, date & time.


Insecure password routines

Lack of visibility into who has access to what

Insecure management of partners’, customers’ and contractors’ permissions

Company growth with critical scaling challenges

Time consuming for IT team resulting in slow action

High costs of maintenance

MobilityGuard’s solutions

Solves the identification puzzle

Full control over who access what – where, when and how Flexible: different methods for identification for different access situations

Access to more than 15 secure, built-in authentication methods

Easy to change, add and remove permissions

Scalable solution

Cost effective

Granular access based on the authentication method used

Granular permissions are used to construct site-specific roles with privileges to match your requirements, and restrict system administrators from accessing user data. MobilityGuard OneGate protects your organization by granular access controls.

Traditionally access levels are based on how strongly the user has been identified – this works rather like an on and off switch. If appropriately identified, the user has access to the entire network. However, MobilityGuard OneGate helps you to differentiate access levels based on how strongly the user has been identified. It includes a mechanism for giving granular access to any system based on a policy set, which ranks the methods used for identification. In practice this means that if the user is identified with a stronger authentication method then they will automatically have access to a wider set of applications.

Access control with no additional hardware or software
MobilityGuard builds a gateway that allows authorized users to securely access all types of sensitive internal systems and information, irrespective of time and place. A gateway that prevents hostile code from reaching your network.

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