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Single Sign-On

One secure login to all relevant applications

Remove the need for users to remember and manage multiple passwords with Single Sign-On. Login once and access all your systems and applications regardless if you are on-premises or using the cloud.

Deploying a MobilityGuard Single Sign-On (SSO) platform is a convenient, secure and time efficient solution for both users and IT. When employees can securely connect to the tools they need to do work, productivity increase while support for login-related tasks decrease. MobilityGuard OneGate also ensures compliance to your company policy so users don’t have to worry about leaving the company vulnerable to attacks. Our solution also offers support for several SSO standards and even identity federation.


Users forget their passwords

Different passwords for different applications complicates accessibility

Insecure password routines like users using the same password for every application open for vulnerable security attacks

Security risk behaviour like visible “yellow Post-it notes” for remembering passwords

Securely manage an increasing number of users across your ecosystem of applications and services

High costs of login-related helpdesk

Insecure integration of IT for acquired businesses

MobilityGuard’s solutions

Increase efficiency – faster for users to login and use new apps

Increase security across all your managed platforms

Time used more productively for users with easy and secure access

Quick access to relevant information and tools without the need to remember every PIN and password

Supports Identity Federation

Threat reducement – protects organization from users leaving the company vulnerable to attacks

Faster integration of IT for acquired businesses

Reduction in internal login-related helpdesk errands

Dynamically enable or disable users’ single sign-on to your applications according to your security policy

Reliable integration for Single Sign-On to all your web and mobile app

With MobiltyGuard intelligent centralized Single Sign-On (SSO), your users can enter one name and password in order to access multiple applications. Instead of login to each application separately, users log in to MobilityGuard and gain access to all of their relevant applications.

Based on your organization’s security policy you can dynamically enable or disable users’ single sign-on to your applications. MobilityGuard OneGate creates a Single Sign-on entry automatically, the first time the users login to the application. MobilityGuard stores this SSO information in a central encrypted database and uses it the next time the users are authorized and request access to the application. The security policy is simply defined by five security criteria in the OneGate Control Center. MobilityGuard OneGate even supports single sign-on extended to external organizations through Identity Federation.

Centralized Single Sign-On is the key to success
By using the MobilityGuard dynamic centralized Single Sign-On/Sign-Off function, your employees have a simple and secure method for logging on to all the applications that they need.

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