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Secure Access

Secure access to any application

MobilityGuard solve your toughest security and access challenges for employees, partners and customers. From inhouse access at branch offices to remote access when working from home, from off-site office, hotels, transportation hubs, airports and so on.

We help you eliminate disruptions that prevent employee access to your vital resources, saving time and money. We also help you prevent unwanted access. We provide several different secure access bundles including everything from traditional in-house installations to a MobilityGuard OneGate in the cloud. 


Insecure routines for remote access

Lack of visibility into who has access to what

Sensitive data exposed in digital footprints

Company growth with critical scaling challenges

Overwhelmed IT admins and slow support

Post-it notes with visible password

MobilityGuard’s solutions

Access to any applications from any device

Secure access to any application

Instant access with Internet connection and a standard web browser

Full Cache Control and no foot prints are left after usage

Strong authentication that manages any user and any access situation

Dynamically enable or disable users’ single-sign on to your applications

Easy deployment and maintenance


Work remotely and secure

MobilityGuard OneGate makes it easy to work remotely. For example, you can access your organizations webmail and intranet applications from a hotel, home or on a business trip. By three simple clicks, IT staff can publish applications without the need for extra firewall or DNS server configurations. Everything secure by latest SSL/TLS encryption without the need for extra certificate handling.

Secure access with no additional hardware or software
MobilityGuard builds a secure gateway to your applications from any device. A gateway that allows authorized users to securely access all types of sensitive internal systems and information, irrespective of time and place.

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