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Strong Authentication

We deliver strong authentication

Strong authentication is the result of a well measured strategy to secure your information and the access to it. Remember, passwords alone are not enough to protect you – a majority of all data breaches involve weak or stolen credentials.

Modern security threats require you to take greater protection measures, leading to MobilityGuard’s solution with two- or multifactor authentication methods (2FA or 2MFA), for example one-time password (OTP), SMS tokens and electronic IDs. Our OneGate is the secure gateway to confirm your users identities, delivering strong authentication. By enforcing strong login methods for your users you can avoid identity stealth and unauthorized access to your information.


Stolen and recycled passwords jeopardize your security

Insufficient authentication strategies

Poor access control leaves people with unauthorized access to all or wrong information

Insecure password routines for partners and customers

High costs of maintenance

Company growth with critical scaling challenges

MobilityGuard’s solutions

Enables strong user authentication and encryption

Enables two- or multifactor authentication methods

Combine more than 15 built-in secure authentication methods

Hardware token as well as SMS token for one-time password

Cost effective solution

Simple to deploy and maintain

Manages authentication for employees, partners, customers or contractors

In compliance with legal regulations and security standards

Industry standard and military accepted encryption

Adapted for different user categories and many access scenarios

Scalable solution

Cost efficient solution for securely identifying any user

MobilityGuard OneGate gives organizations a unique and cost efficient solution. All the available authentication methods can be used simultaneously so the solution perfectly fits the organizations business needs.

More than 15 different authentication methods including two-factor authentication are included: amongst others a unique software-based hardware token known as the MobilityGuard Web Token and MobilityGuard SMS token, which delivers a one-time password sent to the user’s mobile phone which becomes a physical Hard Token. Our solution provides support for both internal user e.g. employees and external user groups e.g. partners, suppliers, customers, contractors etc. Different users need different ways to securely identify themselves before accessing your applications. Different access situations also require different methods for identification. An employee may use secure identification methods or devices such as hardware tokens provided by the organization. With OneGate, it is easy to lead your organization to be in compliance with legal national regulations and security standards such as the ISO 2700 series.

Strong authentication with no additional hardware or software
MobilityGuard builds a gateway that allows authorized users to securely access all types of sensitive internal systems and information, irrespective of time and place. A gateway that prevents hostile code from reaching your network.

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