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Smooth implementation and full compatibility

The investment in MobilityGuard OneGate replaced the expensive and complex login procedures and created a unified single sign-on solution. A solution to all access needs and a secure two-factor solution with Single sign on to all underlying systems.

“The investment in MobilityGuard OneGate replaced expensive and complex login procedures, and created a unified single sign-on solution. We have created a solution for all types of authentication methods, and today it would be unthinkable to work without OneGate.”

– Bo Jonsson Head of IT-system of QMATIC AB


To present systems to different audiences in a safe and secure manner

QMATIC in Mölndal on the western coast of Sweden is responsible for the overall operation of the group’s IT systems. These systems include everything from ERP and CRM to industry unique manufacturing system. However, one part was missing, to permit partners around the world to access QMATIC’s IT systems. If they were allowed to, they could administer their own orders and get access to the service documentation and support assistance. This would mean less duplication of administration and documentation, including less administration of the various IT systems, for QMATIC.


To use one single solution from one supplier instead of using several third party solutions

QMATIC searched primarily a system to simplify and give the parties the possibility to log on to the Partner Web and related systems, but in MobilityGuard OneGate they found a platform that could handle very much more. QMATIC looked at several different options to solve their access problems, with solutions ranging from hardware boxes to simpler solutions based on software login with user name and password only. However, to meet the high objectives and standards of security required, they needed to identify the user via a two-factor identification. This meant they had to accept a mixture of solutions and systems through a third party provider.

QMATIC choose MobilityGuard Onegate

True SSL-VPN communication

The MobilityGuard OneGate supports true SSL-VPN communication including:

Full SSL/TLS support with military standard encryption.

Secure session handling with no direct access to the applications from the device.

Full Cache Control and no foot prints are left after usage. Built in RDP-Gateway based on HTML5 technology.

QMATIC facts

QMATIC is the leader in modern queuing systems, customer counter and optimizing customer flows. The company understand customers’ needs and develop the right solution for them. This applies to the standard system for smaller shops and for advanced customer flow solutions.

“If we had chosen a Single Sign-On solutions from our software providers, it had become much more costly. The implementation went very smooth”

– Bo Jonsson Head of IT-system of QMATIC AB