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Sign your documents easily with MobilityGuard SignGate

If you need to sign forms and documents, this can easily be done with SignGate. It´s a service that you can use in your business, when you require an e-signature of strong nature.

The Swedish Board of Agriculture and Swedish Forest Agency are two customers who currently use SignGate to allow their own staff as well as external customers to sign documents.
One of the advantages with SignGate is that it´s simple to implement in Web applications that need e-signing. Another advantage is that the web application let the signing function handle all client communication during the signing process. Two advantages that save time and money for your organization!

Benefits and how it works

Our signature function can be used by systems on the Internet, or systems that are on the inside of the network and are accessible through MobilityGuard itself. The service is intended for use by web applications or alike that first create a signing request and sends it to the service and then redirect the user’s browser to MobilityGuards service. After the signing is done, SignGate redirects the user back again and the web application can download the final signature from the service.
Signing is done with Swedish eID, BankID and Telia. Several clients are supported of which Bank ID is the most used. For communication to issuers, OSIF or GRP protocol can be used. SignGate also uses the SOAP protocol.

Signing in the future

In the future, new types of signatures can be handled without any change from calling systems.

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