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Unlimited access to all business systems regardless of location

The investment in OneGate gives all employees, regardless of location unlimited access to all underlying business applications and has become one of Derome’s most critical safety systems. It is a cornerstone of the company’s disaster management, where users can continue working from home if the offices for some are inaccessible.

“MobilityGuard OneGate has become one of our most critical security systems. The product is a cornerstone of our disaster management, where our users can continue working from home if the offices for some reason are inaccessible” 

– Andreas Foda, IT manager of Derome AB


To provide supervised access to network in a flexible and convenient way

The IT department of Derome AB is located in Veddige, in the southern part of Sweden. The department is responsible for the overall operation of the group’s IT systems. These systems include everything from ERP and CRM to industry-unique manufacturing systems. Since Derome previously could not offer their employees a secure distance solution, they were not allowed to work from home. Derome had for some time searched for a solution to the process to give employees the possibility to log in to internal systems. The Company has a large number of suppliers, customers, staff, all connected at a distance, both in and outside Sweden. Some users accesses only once a year, while others daily.


A platform that can handle all types of accesses and login in a single solution

Derome AB looked at several different options to solve their access problems, with solutions ranging from boxes to more simple solutions based on user name and password only. To meet their stringent security requirements where Derome demanded a two-factor identification, the choice was easy in the end. MobilityGuard was the only supplier that could offer the right solution at the right price level.

Derome choose MobilityGuard Onegate

The IT department has set up a central login feature based on two MOG6000 Appliances, providing a secure, load balanced environment, including failover. The implementation of OneGate went very smooth.

It started with a small solution consisting of one physical appliance.

The solution has since gradually expanded, now including all systems.

Derome has up-graded to a High Availability solution with failover function, available for all access requiring secure log-in, including secure access for external partners.

Derome facts

Derome Group is the largest family-owned timber company, dating back from 1947. Derome’s business concept is based on processing and supplying timber and building materials in a way that is rational for the customer. Forest becomes wood products, houses, construction elements and environment friendly bioenergy. The aim is to be at the forefront when it comes to innovation and technical equipment in order to offer products and services that correspond well with what the market wants.

“MobilityGuard OneGate replaced expensive and complex login procedures and created a unified single sign-on solution. A solution for all types of authentication methods, and today it would be unthinkable to work without OneGate. The licensing model allows us to securely provide supervised access to our network in a very flexible and convenient way. From the beginning the idea was that MobilityGuard would just replace the expensive “boxes” we used at that time, but it turned out that we with this deal got a very sophisticated tool to control access to all our resources.”

– Andreas Foda, IT manager of Derome AB